Mattress topper | Climate Control

Soft and pressure relieving

Mattress topper | Climate Control

Pressure relieving mattress topper with Climate Control

  • Healthy comfort layer on top of your present mattress
  • Memory foam greatly reduces pressure
  • Relieves pressure points and stimulates blood circulation
  • Climate Control: one side fitted with cool 3D-Tex
  • Hypoallergenic

This mattress topper is the ideal top layer for any good quality  mattress. Luxuriously comfortable, the high quality memory foam relieves sensitive pressure points while the ventilating 3D-Tex layer on the mattress’ Climate Control side improves your sleep comfort. This mattress topper couldn’t be better for a good and healthy night’s rest.

Memory Foam moulds gently to the shape of your head and neck

Available in single and double sizes

Available in single and double sizes

Climate Control: with a 3D-Tex side for improved ventilation

Specifications Mattress topper | Climate Control

100% Memory foam

Velour, 75% cotton, 25% polyester
3D-Tex: 100% polyester
Machine washable


Mattress topper | Climate Control

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